Thursday, 21 June 2012

Spirit Chaser: The Quest for Bega by Alex Langstone

This is the true story of a spiritual quest that turned into an uplifting sacred pilgrimage. In June 1989, the author began following a series of psychic messages and significant synchronicity that led him to discover the enigmatic mystery of St Bega, the sacredness of the British landscape and ultimately to experience the divine reality of the Celtic tradition of mysticism, miracles and magic. Spirit Chaser takes us on a magnificent journey, a journey into the twilight past of seventh century Britain and Ireland. A journey into the heart of a modern day quest for the mystery that is the Sancta Bega; the sacred ring at the mystical centre of the British Isles. 

Click here to view cover art, click here for book webpage. 236 pages, 15.24cm x 22.86cm perfect bound paperback.  Spirit of Albion Books, Cornwall, UK. ISBN 978-0-9563554-2-3  £14.99
"a meditation on the spiritual nature of the British Isles"

 "A glimpse into the spiritual worlds that overlay our landscape" The Whitehaven News

"A well-written clear account of his quest for Bega - fantastic psychic abilities, visionary experiences, strong pantheistic convictions"  The Keswick Reminder

 "A charming and engaging memoir" Northern Earth

"Spirit Chaser: Where folklore and the paranormal meet"

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