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Alex Langstone

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Lien Gwerin ~ A Journal of Cornish Folklore. No. 4


Crossing Water by Moonlight              Alex Langstone
The Ringers of Egloshayle                   Merv Davey
Mysteries of the Lizard                        Steve Patterson
Cornish Droll Tellers                           Ronald M. James          
Music in Cornish Folklore                   Kiera Smitheram
Legend of Derwin and Mora               Alan M. Kent
Ghost-Layers and Ghost-Laying         R. Wilkins Rees

Fully illustrated, including work from artists Paul Atlas-Saunders and Tamsyn Swingler

The journal is now available to purchase here: 

The Egloshayle Ringers by Salt and Sky

You can find out more about this folk tune in Merv Davey's article in Lien Gwerin 4


Do you know where Cornwall's only triple hare carving can be viewed? Find out in Lien Gwerin 4